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  • How do I sign up for a membership?
    Visit our location and ask one of our friendly attendants! They will assist you with signing up.
  • Is it truly unlimited monthly car washes?
    Yes! You can wash your car daily to keep it from being philthy.
  • When will my monthly plan renew?
    You will be charged for your monthly plan on the day you sign up and then you will be billed monthly on the same date.
  • Do you have a rainy day guarantee?
    Yes we do! Bring in your receipt within 48 hours of it raining and we'll wash your car again for free!
  • Do you offer fleet rates?
    We sure do! For more information on fleet rates, please visit our Fleets page. The link is below.
  • Can I use my Wash Club membership for more than one car?
    Memberships are assigned to only one car.
  • Is having your car washed environmentally friendly?
    Wsahing your car at a car wash is more efficient than washing it at home in your driveway. Our system uses less water and soap!
  • How can I get a detailing appointment?
    Simply visit our Detail Services page to set an appointment.
  • How can I cancel my plan?
    We understand things happen. if you need to cancel your plan just stop by the wash and one of our team members can help cancel your plan.
  • Is there a height limitation on vehicles?
    The max height for a vehicle is 7' 2".
  • What happens if I get a new car or license plate?
    Bring your car in and we'll apply a new sticker and deactivate the original one and/or update your account with your new license plate number.
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